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Interactive Client Reporting

Interactive Client Reporting is an online service for wealth and asset managers.

You need to communicate your investment strategy and decisions to your clients. Our service uses interactive visualisations so you can provide a narrative to the data you provide to your clients.

New Challenges

The demands on wealth and asset managers are increasing due to:

  • Competition From Passive Strategies
  • Increasing Complexity
  • Client Demands for Transparency
  • Regulatory Changes

You need to be able to explain the value that your organisation is bringing to your clients, by relating the investment strategies and processes to the client’s investments.

Connect With Your Clients

Over the last 10-15 years, the task of client reporting has been automated such that regular reports can be consistently sent to clients without manual intervention.

This has left the descriptive side of client communication to remain as a manual process. Interactive Client Reporting is an online service presents your narrative to your clients:

  • You will be able to publish updates of their mandates whenever you wish.
  • Your clients can relate the updates you provide with their mandate holdings and transactions.

By using the service, you can:

  • Replace phone calls with WebEx sessions where you display visualisations of the client’s data.
  • For review meetings, replace PowerPoint or printed material with a live interactive service.
  • Have your clients log in to the system and have them self-discover the answers to their queries.

Our Offering

Interactive Client Reporting works on tablets, phones, laptops and conference systems. It works like an App, with a touch interface, searching and animation.

Like online banking, it uses SSL encryption to ensure that data is safe. All updates to the site go through a publishing process to ensure clients only see data that you want them to see. We keep a record of every change made to data and content.

An implementation charge covers configuration, training and re-branding the website to match that of your firm. A service charge based on the number of accounts and users covers all on-going costs. We expect that most wealth and asset managers can use our system within 2 months.

Application on iPad

There is strong client demand for digital reporting

Accenture - Digital Transformation - the central challenge for Asset Management Firms

Accenture - Digital Transformation

"Of all the changes confronting asset managers, perhaps none has more potential to transform the industry than the rise of digital technologies."

Wealth and asset managers awake to the new digital age

EY - Wealth and Asset Managers Awake to New Digital Age

"The coming-of-age 'millennial' generation expects everything to be possible on their smart devices and holds every business up to Silicon Valley standards for online visual web design"

Why wealth management can’t afford to miss the digital wave

PWC - Sink or Swim - Why wealth management can’t afford to miss the digital wave

"HNWIs already possess a high level of digital literacy. They use multiple digital devices, are likely to use them for five or more hours a day and make extensive use of smartphone apps. Such apps are primarily used for the convenience and speed they provide."


Forbes Insights (Temenos) - The Rise of Bionic Wealth

"A significant percentage of clients surveyed (62%) say they want wealth managers to send information about their investments and financial solutions to any of their devices, wherever they are"

Cap Gemini - Transformation in Client Reporting

Cap Gemini - Transformation in Client Reporting

"Prevalent usage of mobile phones, tablets and social media these days have led to the clients expecting increased real-time communication, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface from their wealth managers. As a result, wealth management firms should adopt scalable cloud-based platforms and enhance the usage of new channels for information delivery."

World Wealth Report 2016

Cap Gemini - World Wealth Report 2016

"64.2% of HNWIs expected their future wealth relationships to be mostly digitial and that 65.3% of them would leave firms for a poor digitial experience. "

"Our clients are pushing our wealth managers to use the iPad more. It is facilitating the conversations."


We can provide consulting to bring our features to your existing website, or a Software-as-a-Service solution to host your client reports.

To discuss how you can improve your client experience,  e-mail or call UK +44 7779 712845.

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